Wolf (Rafael)
Multi-Purpose Armored Vehicle

Personnel carrierr version

Ambulance version


The idea for the WOLF was born from the need of transporting soldiers safely during their missions in urban environments and peacekeeping missions.

It is well-known that putting light armor protection on light vehicles is expensive, so, the object was to develop an armored protection envelope from available and low cost materials. This object can be achieved by using vehicles with high payload capacity to carry materials which are relatively heavier than the expensive materials, but by doing it in a clever way.

The WOLF consists of a commercial chassis so it can be easily maintained anywhere. The WOLF is equipped with a diesel, 6 liter 325 HP engine and automatic 5 speed transmission. It can weigh 8 tons. The automatic systems require no changes when the armor is applied. The armor protects crew compartment, automatic elements and wheels.   The armor envelope is built independently from the chassis, so it is possible to use the same armor envelope on another chassis (of the same model) when the chassis goes out of service.


The vehicle is protected all over including the wheels (with run flats). Six doors (four on the sides and two at the rear) enable the troops to get in and out easily and quickly with all of their equipment. There is good observation ability and by using firing stations, the troops can react from inside the vehicle.

The vehicle interior is well-equipped with a double air conditioning system, comfortable seats and all the items a soldier needs.
By modifying the interior section of the WOLF, it is possible to change the function of the vehicle; i.e. to an ambulance, rescue vehicle, logistics or command vehicle.

The WOLF has successfully passed all of the IDF's (Israel Defense Forces) testing and more than 100 vehicles have been ordered.


Earlier model (2005)