Tail Sitter


The Tail-Sitter UAV is a V-TOL platform developed by Aeronautics around 2000. It was designed to perform the unique flight profile of vertical Take-off and Landing, air rotation, and horizontal flight. The Tail-Sitter's flight profile combines the advantages of taking-off and landing in rough/crowded/field/urban conditions, and the endurance/range of horizontal flying platforms.

UMASTM avionics: real time UAV and payload control Full autonomous navigation and in-flight programmable navigation Cemera guided navigation

40 HP
Wing span
10 ft (3m)
Height overall
6.6 ft (2m)
Max Payload
33 Ib (15kg)
Launch Weight
220 Ib (100kg)
Max level speed
150 Kt
Service Ceiling
22,000 ft
Max Endurance
Datalink, comm frequency
2 RF command uplinks
and real-time imagery down-link.