Casper 250


UAV - Casper 250

The Casper 250 backpack mini UAV system provides reliable real time intelligence gathering in high quality using the new Lev 2 light weight stabilized payload.

The Casper 250 is a cost effective solution for Homeland security - low intensity conflict Day or Night operations. It can be deployed anywhere in a very short time, the system operation is simple and the Human Machine Interface (HMI) is user-friendly.

The usage of the Lev 2 light weight stabilized payload (Day, Night thermal or radiology versions) enables the Casper 250 mini UAV system to perform a wide variety of surveillance, intelligence and battlefield support missions, in the tactical level.

The Casper 250 is also equipped with specially patented wing architecture and landing method, which increases significantly its survivability and decreases the LCC (Life Cycle Cost).

The system's sophisticated data link range is more than 10 km , the low power consumption of both the UAV and the payload allow more than 1.5 hours of durability in a mission.