Blue Horizon 2



UAV - Blue Horizon 2
Fully integrated weapon system capable of capturing and reporting intelligence data in real-time and day/night operation over a pre-determined target zone. Characteristic missions include:
- Intelligence gathering. 
- Close support operations.
- Target acquisition. 
- Weapon guidance.
- Battle damage assessment.
The Blue Horizon -2 contains the necessary elements to achieve relevant UAV missions, either as a stand-alone system or as an integral part of a total intelligence and weapon delivery system.

Some of the Blue Horizon-2 main features are:

- Affordably priced while benefiting from an advanced, light weight, composite material airframe.
- Can, optionally, be launched from a catapult and retrieved by parachute deployment.
- Short ground take off. Equipped with an arresting hook allowing a short landing.
- Maximum vehicle performance can be maintained with payloads up to 37 Kg.
- Ample electrical power (1800 watts) allows operation of Electro-optical and other payloads.
- Short turn-around time. Assembly/disassembly requires a 3 person crew.
- Transportation and operation of the entire system requires no more then 2 HMMWV. One for carrying the GCS/GDT and the other for UAV's and their cases.

Available flight modes:

- External/internal pilot control (with gyro-stabilization).
- Knobs control (speed, altitude and heading).
- Flight to coordinate.
- Flight program.
- Flight slaved to camera.
- Automatic holding pattern (figure 8) with selectable orientation and dimensions.
- Emergency mode (in case of prolonged uplink loss).


In order to enhance survivability, increase safety and ensure mission success, the system is designed for redundancy as an inherent feature of the integrated UAV system.

Mobility and Responsiveness

The System is designed for high mobility and rapid transportability to another site and may be moved on the ground by truck, by rail, or air transport (C-130). This facilitates deployment in remote operational sites in minimum time, thus responding to the ever-changing battlefield scenarios.
Max. take-off weight  
Empty weight
80 Kg (not including payload and fuel.)
60-120kias (at 2000 ft altitude)
Fuel capacity
50 Kg
Available payload weight
37 Kg (with 50 liter fuel load)
WAE -342
Electrical generator cap
2000 watts (300 watts are used by the avionics) (28 VDC) lightning and pop payloads, etc.
Emergency battery
4- amp/hr (Nickel-cadmium)
Take-off distance
250m (up to 20Kts wind,at max T/O wt-150 Kg)
Landing distance
200m (up to 20kts wind)
Service altitude
60-120kias (at 2000 ft altitude)
Flight endurance
16 hrs (70kias, 5000ft altitude)
Max. Velocity
Stall velocity
Best endurance velocity