UAV - Aerolight
The Aerolight UAV is a close range and training UAV platform developed and manufactured by Aeronautics Defense Systems. It is used for close range ISR missions, training, and testing of experimental payloads. In
Addition to a conventional wheeled Take Off & Landing capabilities, The system can be launched by a catapult and can be recovered by a precision Para-foil recovery system. The system is in use by the Israeli Air
Force, the US Navy and additional customers worldwide.
  • Advanced Avionics package
  • State of the art Payloads: Hight resolution Color CCD Stabilized Payload
                                                  Night Sensor (optional)
  • Advanced Data Link system
  • Accurate Navigation capability: GPS + Inertial Navigation System (INS) Real Time Video and Telemetry data transmission
  • Extremely low accoustic signature - Silent operation

Military Applications

  • ISTAR missions
  • Border and Coastal Patrol
  • Battle Damage Assessment (BDA)
  • Situation awareness
  • Force Protection

Homeland Security Application

  • Counter Terror operations
  • Law Enforcement missions
  • Strategic Facilities Security missions
Service Ceiling
10,000 ft
Operational Endurance
4 hours
LOS Dlata Link Range
150 km
Dash Speed
100 kts
Loiter Speed
50 kts
4 m
2.56 m
0.96 m
40 kg
Max Payload Weight
8 kg