Merkava Mk. 4

Exclusive Uncensored Military Exercise on Golan Heights
IDF started to use the Merkava Mk. 1 tanks in late 70's in mid 80's Merkava Mk. 2 started to enter the service with its improved fire control, armor and 60mm mortar been added. In the 90's Merkava Mk. 3 started to enter the service
Merkava Baz by Chuckmeister
IDF Armor School Preparing To Train The First
"Merkava Mark 4" Tank Crew
March 13, 2003 

Instructors at the IDF Armor School are preparing to train the first IDF "Merkava Mark 4" tank crew members. 

The "Merkava Mark 4" crew will undergo standard basic training, followed by a specialized tank course to acquire a proficiency in the following areas: communications, driving, and artillery. 

After completing the above-mentioned courses, the crew enters the final phase of training, during which they will learn how to function as a team, platoon, and company.