Magach 7
Magach 7A (1980's)
Magach 7 is upgraded Magach 6 tanks without the Blazer armour. This upgrade included thick slabs of passive armour added to the turret and hull front, armoured side skirts, new fire control, thermal sleeve for the 105mm gun (as on Magach 6B) and  Merkava Mk 1 tracks as on (as on Magach 6B).

The main difference between Magach 7and Magach 6B that the Magach 7 added passive armour and Magach 6B Blazer armour (when the passive armour on Magach 7 gives more protection to the tank than the Blazer armour).

Fire control system (replacing the optical range finder)
    Gunner's day/night sight.
    Laser rang finder.
    Electronic ballistic computer.
    Gunner's sight slaved to stabilized gun.
    Independently stabilized line of sight for the gunner.
    Gun sight for the commander.

Magach 7C
  Redesigned passive armour array.