Magach 6
Magach 6 (1970's)
Magach 6 is a name for M60, M60A1 and M60A3 in Israeli service. Fitted with the Israeli Urdan cupola.
and Blazer armour (ERA).

Magach 6B (1980's)
Magach 6B is Magach 6 with RISE (reliability improvement of selected equipment) program featured a new engine configuration making among others, changing engines much easier. Added thernal sleeve for the 105mm gun, Merkava Mk 1 tracks. and in some tanks No.5 road wheel is made from steel when all other wheels made from aluminum.

Magach 6B Gal (1990's)
Magach 6B Gal is Magach 6B with new fire control system Gal. Added new turret stowage basket.

Magach 6B Gal Batash
Magach 6B Gal with fourth generation passive armor, additional armor plates on the chassis and 
the turret.