Magach 3&5
Magach 3
U.S.made M48A1 and M46A2 Patton tanks were modified by IDF's Ordnance Corps. This upgrade included 105mm L7 gun, M1/Sherman/Urdan cupola (later only Urdan cupola),  AVDS 1790a diesel engine, CD-850-6 auto transmission and modern communications system. These tanks were the backbone of armored forces in the Six-day War (1967), Yom Kippur War (1973), and Peace for Galille Operation.

Magach 5
US M48A5 tanks, during the late 1970's Israel received 150 M48A5 tanks from US.

* Magach 3 and Magach 5 were fitted with Blazer armour (ERA).