The RAM-2000 is a high-performance light-weight armored vehicle combining the finest in multi-mission wheeled designs with advanced human engineering.

RAM-2000 utilizes a robust and flexible structure allowing it to be outfitted and configured to perform a variety of military, paramilitary, policing and peacekeeping roles.

With high terrain capability, a solid power-to-weight ratio and excellent armored protection, the RAM-2000 excels as a recon vehicle, light infantry fighting vehicle, weapons platform, troop carrier, command platform, frontline utility and logistics transporter, riot control vehicle, etc.
Primary Design Features
In a basic troop carrier configuration, the RAM-2000 carries up to eight fully equipped personnel, commander and driver included.

Possessing a straightforward robust design with simple maintenance requirements built in, RAM-2000 is continuously mission-ready, even under the toughest of operating conditions (hot dry deserts, mountainous terrain, icy winter conditions, waterways, etc.).

RAM-2000 has excellent maneuverability and handling in both on-road and offroad conditions, open-country, and rough terrain. RAM-2000 can ford rivers and streams at one-meter depths.

With a low silhouette, low profile and low center of gravity, the RAM-2000 makes for a difficult target. Its advanced 2x4 and 4x4 automotive design draws on the best features of proven all-terrain ground vehicle designs, including earlier generations of Ramta's venerable RAM vehicle still in production and operational in various countries worldwide.
Armored Protection

RAM-2000 armored construction provides full ballistic protection from shortrange arms fire up to 7.62mm armored piercing ammunition with optional configurations possible for higher ballistic protection depending on customer requirements.

The unique RAM-2000 monocoque armored shell construction coupled with extensively tested and operationally-proven geometric shaping deflects energy and blast waves associated with mine detonation or enemy-fired explosive munitions. This hull design impedes the threat of the vehicle from overturning under combat conditions.

With a fundamental design requirement that the highest level of crew survivability be integrated into a robust ground vehicle, the vehicle's wheels have been located at the platform's extremities with the RAM-2000 troop compartment located in between. This vehicle configuration combined with the RAM-2000 energy-attenuating hull design affords the crew a higher level of protection against landmines and other explosive devices.

Operational Simplicity & Reduced Driver Workload
Operational Simplicity & Reduced Driver Workload Incorporating advanced human engineering while applying rigorous military standards for all-terrain vehicles, gives the RAM-2000 driver a vehicle that is simple and comfortable to operate.

Training required for RAM-2000 operation is minimal. Any driver familiar with four-wheel vehicle operations will immediately become accustomed to the RAM-2000.

Specially designed dash board instruments, shift levers and vehicle controls have been conveniently located to allow the driver and crew to concentrate and focus more on the mission than on vehicle operation and safety.
The RAM-2000 automotive system utilizes the highest degree of readily available commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) components and parts available in order to simplify vehicle maintenance and servicing, while maintaining military standards. COTS maximization lowers the specific cost of vehicle maintenance, as well as life cycle costs over time.

Simple to open engine hoods and compartment doors provide easy access to all mechanical, electrical and engine components of the vehicle while reducing the number and types of tools needed to be carried onboard.
Air and Sea Transport
Low overall weight of the RAM-2000 coupled with the vehicle's relative compactness and low silhouette makes the RAM-2000 highly suitable for airtransport by either fixed-wing or rotary-wing aircraft.

The RAM-2000's ability to ford water obstacles at one-meter depths allows it to make unassisted embarkation/debarkation from shore landing craft.

Customized Configurations

• Mechanized Infantry Fighting Vehicle
• Tank Hunter Killer
• Command and Control Vehicle
• Scout/Reconnaissance Vehicle
• Frontline Utility and Logistics Transporter
• Riot Control Vehicle
• Police, Patrol and Peacekeeping Vehicle

Major Features

• Excellent Maneuvering and High Performance in Rough Terrain
• Robust Design and High Mission-Ready Reliability
• High Crew Survivability and Ballistic Protection
• Versatile Multi-Mission Capabilities
• Low Life-Cycle Support and Maintenance Cost
• Complete Training, Documentation and Integrated Logistics Support



• Run-Flat-Tires
• Electrical Winch
• Folding Seats for Cargo
• Three Storage Compartments
• Able to Mount 7.62mm, 0.5" Machine Guns and other Weapons
• Trailer Towing Unit
• Digging Tools

Optional Equipment

• Customized Internal Layout
• Air Conditioning
• Communication Mount
• Other Equipment per Customer Requirements


Weight (kg)


Max. Speed (km/h)


Cruising Range


Turning Radius (mtr.)


   Engine Output

6 cycle, turbo-diesel, air-cooled
4.6 liter
166 hp @ 2500 rpm

Horsepower to weight


Fuel Capacity

160 liter


3-speed automatic

Transfer Case



Power assist


Radial MPT 12.5 x 20


Hydraulic power assist

Electrical System