Another APC in the IDF arsenal is the Puma. It is another obstruction navigation engineering vehicle. This is a heavy APC   which serves the Corps of Engineers for its operations of complex warfare. The IDF war doctrine sees the battlefield as a dynamic which requires mobility and advanced armored plating. For this purpose, an APC was developed which gives the forces independence.  It provides them with capabilities both in persistence and mobility, much like a tank. The Puma is based on the body of the Centurion tank and has advanced armor plating, which protects it from anti-tank missiles, IEDs and mines. It can reach speeds of 40 km/h. The Puma is capable of carrying and employing systems specified for attack and penetration, from bulldozers to bridge-makers, and systems for infiltrating mine fields. Among the systems enabling minefield infiltration is the "Ritsuf" system, one of the most advanced of its sort; it employs rockets which pave a path through a minefield. Additionally, there are many things which improve the survivability of the combat soldiers within the Puma. Notably, there is a fire-fighting system, a smoke generator, and a hazmat system which enables the Engineering forces to battle in areas contaminated by hazardous materials for extended periods of time.
machine gunner operates the RAFAEL Overhead Weapon Station which is armed with a 7.62 mm M240 machine gun.

Rafael Carpet fuel –air explosive rocket pod for breaching a route through a mine field.

Puma with THOR

The Puma enables combat engineers to operate in areas where vehicles with less protection would come to harms way. The prime function of the Puma is to clear routes through heavily defended fire zones, giving armored formations freedom for maneuvers. To make this possible the Puma is equipped to mount the following devices:

•  Nochri track width mine roller kit.
•  Magov track width mine rake.
•  A dozer blade.
•  A glacis mounted ram.
•  Rafael Carpet fuel –air explosive rocket pod for breaching a route through a mine field.
•  Trailer with line charge for breaching a route through a mine field.
•  A rear mounted crane.


Puma with a super structure, called the doghouses.