Hermes 180

The Hermes 180 is a tactical close range UAV for brigade-level intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance missions. The UAV is designed for high mobility, forward tactical deployment and minimum logistic footprint (length 4.4 m, wingspan 6 m and weight 195 kg),

With a payload capacity of 32 kg, 1.2 kVA, the Hermes 180 is effective for ISTAR missions at the Brigade to Division levels. It is powered by a 38 hp rotary UEL engine that provides a maximum speed of 105 KTAS@SL, altitude over 15 kft, endurance over 10 hours and a range of 150 km.

The Hermes 180 features fully redundant avionics, fully autonomous flight, LOS data link with a fully composite structure that is highly mobile and easily deployed.

It is launched either by catapult or runway and recovered by parachute/airbag and/or runway and shares a common Ground Control Station, data link and avionics with the entire Hermes family.

Mission radius (LOS)
150 km
>10 hours
Max. altitude
15,000 ft
Max. speed
105 KTAS@S.L
Loiter speed
71 KTAS@6000 ft
Technical Data:
6 m
Fuselage length
3.47 m
Total length
4.43 m
Take-off weight
195 kg
Max. payload
32 kg
Payload power
1.2 kW
Max. fuel
40 kg

Military support missions:

  • ISTAR - Intelligence, Surveillance,Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance
  • Target Designation
  • Artillery fire adjustment
  • Battle Damage Assessment (BDA)
  • Tactical Radio Relay

Non military missions:

  • Catapult launch, parachute and airbag recovery
  • Day + Night + Laser Designator high performance payload capability
  • Fully redundant avionics system, common to all Hermes a/v family
  • Advanced DGCS - Down-size Ground Control Station
  • Highly mobile, quick deployment - C130 air transportable
Ground Control Station

Main Features
  • Mission planning, management & control 
  • Built-in data exploitation and dissemination 
  • Full mission debriefing & simulation 
  • Identical and redundant consoles 
  • Single operator, advanced HMI 
  • Ruggelized COTS H/W 
  • Commercial S/W tools 
  • Common GCS / DGCS (Down-sized GCS) to Hermes A/V family 
  • Interoperability - STANAG optional 
  • S-280 or downsize mobile station