A jet powered trainer that is used in the selection process in the IAF Flight School and and for training cadets. It was developed from the French Fouga Magister, that had served the IAF as both a jet combat plane and a trainer since 1960. The Fougas were radically revamped by the IAI and fitted for carrying advanced motors and equipment.

The first prototype of the Tzukit took to the air in September of 1980, and was handed over to the IAF in May of 1981 for initial testing. At the IAF's request certain modifications were carried out and included in the first serial Tzukit planes, which were delivered to the IAF in June of 1983. By 1986, all of the Tzukit planes created had been delivered to the IAF.

Primary Role
Twin seat jet trainer
Israel (originally: France)
Wingspan: 12.2 m 
Length: 10.06 m 
Height: 2.8 m 
Wing area: 17.3 sq. m 
Maximum speed: 683 kph 
Ceiling: 15,000 m 
Range: 1,200 km 
Empty: 2,550 kg 
Max. loaded: 3,100 kg 
Power Plant
Two Turbomeca Marbore VI 
  with a thrust of 571 kg